Clearing Your Pets Energy

So today lets talk about energy. 

Yes, everything is made of energy, but I don’t think pet parents really understand how negative energy affects their fur-babies. 

So you probably think energy goes out and up, am I right?  Well you are wrong.  Only light/clear energy goes out and up, dense/negative energy goes in and down.  It does that so it can be absorbed into the earth and broken down.  The problem is it doesn’t always do that. Where there is something to block the earth, like sidewalks and driveways and even leaves, the energy just sits on top of it waiting for something to come along and absorb it.  That would be the animals of the earth, including our pets.

But that isn’t the only place they get that energy from, they get it from us humans!

That’s right, its their job (whether you are aware of it or not) to clear us.  They pull our negative energy away from us so that it will go to the ground and be absorbed into the earth… or your bed sheets, or your clothes, which are then washed (by rain or a washing machine).  The problem is, the average humans doesn’t take care of themselves. You don’t give yourself the clearing you need so in turn you don’t know to clear your pet.  When you don’t clear yourself you get health issues, usually starting with the brain and then moving through the rest of the body.  Same goes for your pet, but they hold the energy in places where they think they can handle it, like their outer back, shoulders and hips.  Animals release energy through their paws, belly, nose and mouth.  So they tuck it away in a place where they don’t think it will bother them, and will eventually release itself over time.  Sadly, if you put out more than they release they will suffer via things as simple to clear as hot spots, or as difficult to heal like hip dysplasia, arthritis, thyroid, seizures, or even life and death diseases like cancer and brain tumors.
So you think this is just normal, right?

Well it’s not!  Your beloved pets, are not supposed to get these things because they are not innate in their bodies.  Instead it is the human condition you are in that causes them.  They are doing their job to heal you, but you are not doing your job to clear them.  So how do you do that?  Easy!  All you need to do is give them a little massage every night!

For the person who just said they don’t have time, you either need to make time (like you do for all the other things in your life) or just take away something that is not necessary in your life (I’m sure you can come up with something!). It only takes about 10 minutes and all you need to know is where their chakras are and follow that path when massaging.  

Be sure not to do it too hard or you will cause friction between the hair and skin (ouch!), and if you feel a hot spot on their body just dab a small drop of lavender oil on your finger and massage into that spot to remove it.  Never do it near the face as they are very sensitive to smells.
So here is a quick look at a dog’s chakra points. 

You will notice they have one more than we do.  Its call the Brachial and it runs parallel through the shoulders.  This is where animals hold the most energy, just like we tend to hold it in our solar plexus.  Their solar plexus is connected directly to their heart chakra, so they work together instead of separate. Animals use the brachial chakra to clear themselves, but sometimes they need help depending their owner and the life they live.

As a service dog, Sammy would take on more energy than the average pet, so I was consistent about clearing him when we came out of a business where he would have taken on a lot of energy, like the doctor’s office.  I clear him every time we come back from a walk because we tend to walk on the sidewalk a lot.  I also clear him every night with a 10 minute massage so that anything I might have missed is removed.  

Your pet probably just needs a nightly clearing, so start with that.  Then you will get to know your pet’s energy much better and be able to know if something is off and do something for him or her right away.

To give you a start with your pet, here is an old video of Sam and I sharing our routine with other service dog handlers:

Everything you do for your pets comes down to your relationship with them.  Remember, they are not separate from us.  They are not different than us, they just have a different coat to wear (vessel) and a different purpose to come with.  However we have domesticated them, so it is our responsibility to care for them properly.

Are you?

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