Does Your Pet Need Healing?

Every once in a while my beloved Sammy decides he has something to say to world. Today is one of those days. I hope you enjoy his post on and better understand whether or not your pet might need healing.

I wanna talk to you about healing therapies for your fur baby.  Everyone knows about Reiki, or they think they do. I don’t think they do, so I asked my Mom to let me talk to you about it.

My mom says that Reiki is when the healer is in a meditative state, not touching anyone, and channels their positive energy into the someone. Actually she says that is how they do it in America.  In Japan where it originated she says its done through hands on healing, but there are American laws that say you can’t touch the person (unless you are a licensed massage therapist or doctor or priest). Those things in italics are from my Mom.

So when you work on a pet you don’t need to do the not touching us thing, like my mom does, but some people still won’t touch. I think that is because of how they learned, or maybe they don’t like touching dogs. I’m not sure, but either way they don’t. Point in case my friend Roger who had a “Reiki Treatment” earlier this year.  His mom said it was some kind of healing fair that was set up and you had to make an appointment (and pay) in advance to get the healing treatment for your pet.  It was for an hour….kind of.

Roger says it was OK but he didn’t like having to be in one place for so long. I agree, because most pets don’t need more than 20 minutes of healing work at a time unless they are incredibly sick. Roger’s not sick. He has things wrong with him (conditions), but that’s all. So an hour was probably way to long, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard my mom talk about someone doing healing for that long before. Seems kind of odd. Anyway, he went and he endured and when he got home he asked my mom to clear him.  Sigh….

Roger said that the woman was nice and all but never touched him (which is indicative of Reiki).  She sent him “weak energy” and didn’t really make him feel any better than he did before he got there. When he got home he said he felt “kind of stuck”, so my mom did some clearing on him because energy was stuck at his energy centers (paws, top of head, shoulders, heart, and tail). Mom says that the reiki practitioner should have cleared all that, especially if she had an hour with him.  My mom was nice about it and assumed that the person doing this was not experienced enough and probably needs feedback from the animals but isn’t getting it. Maybe she should try humans so she can get more feedback while she’s doing it?

Anyway, after talking to Roger I wanted to tell you why your fur babies might need Reiki or any kind of energy therapy, and what you should expect (and look for). First, the average time to work on a pet is about 30 minutes. If the pet is going through a lot, has anxiety issues (themselves, not those they are mirroring from their owners), or just had surgery they might need slower healing over more time.  The pet healer channels positive energy through their hands to your fur baby directly over their body (which is why Reiki can be done as distance healing since the practitioner doesn’t touch the body). They have one hand facing up (receiving energy) and one facing down over the fur baby’s body; they sit in a meditative state and say nothing for a long time (20-30 minutes).  Pawrents are not allowed around the healing area so their energy doesn’t conflict with the treatment. So that is typical Reiki, but now I want to tell you about what my Mom does.

My mom combines reiki with hands on healing. That means she channels large amounts of energy through her into your pet releasing all the negative gunk we hold on to. So she is using the Reiki technique, but she is also using her hands physically to manipulate the energy to release more effectively ~ at least that is how I think it is when I’m receive it.  I’m not sure what to call what my Mom does, because it’s part Reiki, part chakra clearing, part hands on healing, part shamanic healing (soul & trauma healing), and part a lot of other stuff. She’s still working on what to call it so if you have an idea let me know so I can pass it on to her please!

What my mom does only takes a few minutes to do (10-15) and she isn’t in a “meditative state” like eyes closed and disconnected from everyone. Instead she works with her Shamanic Tribe to channel the energy so she can be aware of what it is she is doing.  This is why she sometimes uses crystals in her work, like the grid around me in this picture on the right.

My mom uses all the tools she can to help your pet, but she always tests them on me first to make sure she won’t hurt anyone. And you can hurt someone by not doing enough or doing to much. She also uses other tools like aromatherapy (but she knows which are toxic to animals and which aren’t and which need to be diluted and which carrier to dilute them in),  herbs, naturopathy (and homeopathic medicines), and she has this uncanny ability to see inside our bodies to know what is wrong with us (medical intuitive).

She says she uses all these tools because we animals don’t always tell her everything. That’s because we animals are simple minded creatures and don’t think about how we are affected until we are suffering.  My mom says we should never suffer and that it is the pet owners responsibility to pay attention to us and make sure that we don’t. Not all pet owners feel that way and those probably shouldn’t have a pet in the first place. In my life I am very lucky to have a mom who realized early on that we have a partnership (not a relationship where she’s the greater being). Being partners means we have conversations, not just “we are going here” and “you are going to experience this” but real conversations. She tells me how she feels and she asks my opinion on things. And while my mom can hear me clearly, you can understand your pet too just by how they act (if you are open to them communicating with you). But if you see yourself separate from your pet then you probably won’t so you will need to pay attention to how your dog acts (and tipping our head or wagging our tail doesn’t mean we always agree with what you are saying, it can mean we are questioning how you are saying something so think before you speak to us ~ are you asking or telling?).

So to answer the question does your pet need healing therapy? Maybe, maybe not. 

Depends on the stress you put on your pet. Are you overly anxious? Always going here or there doing something? Are you always disrupting the energy around your pet? Is your pet always around other animals (doggie daycare, dog park, other pets in the house, etc)? Always around other people, in public places (service dog, therapy dog, etc)? Then the answer is a definite YES!  

Remember, just because your dog is always happy or low key doesn’t mean they aren’t weighed down my the negative energy around them. Negative energy falls to the earth (to be neutralized), but sometimes we catch it before it gets where it’s going and then you need to clear us.  You can do this, my mom can teach you.

So while you might be thinking that you won’t give your dog what you need because you don’t give yourself what you need, how is that fair? Your pooch is always there for you, whether you realize it or not. This might be why we age faster and live such short lives! 

Could you imagine being in our place? 

Taking on all your negative stuff and the stuff around you?  

So give us a fighting chance with some healing therapies, but know what you need and what to expect BEFORE you go booking an appointment for your pet. My friend Roger wasn’t impressed with his experience, and if it took my Mom to fix him then you the owner aren’t educating yourself enough before putting him (your pooch) in a difficult position (causewe want to please you and will endure discomfort at your expense just to teach you a lesson).

OK gotta go now, my Mom has other work to do today!  

Thanks for letting me share my words of wisdom with you.


A Note From My MomIf your are wondering why some Reiki Practitioners place their hands on the pet when working with them, they are typically incorporating other healing therapies with the reiki. This is similar to a  massage therapist  utilizing reiki in their healing work. Many pet healers will manipulate the energy centers (chakras) when working on a pet to determine the area of concern and to clear the chakras.  Be sure to ask how your pet healer works, what they do and what they incorporate into their healing therapy before scheduling a session.

And of course ASK YOUR PET if this is what they want/need at this time. It may be you who needs it and not them.

As for healing therapies for pets, I firmly believe it is important to incorporate different healing modalities so that the pet can get exactly what they need from the healer, and while many Reiki Practitioners do this, not all do which is why you need to become educated before subjecting your pet to a treatment.

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