Clearing Your Pets Energy

So you probably think energy goes out and up, am I right? Well you are wrong. Only light/clear energy goes out and up, dense/negative energy goes in and down. It does that so it can be absorbed into the earth and broken down. The problem is it doesn’t always do that. Where there is something to block the earth, like sidewalks and driveways and even leaves, the energy just sits on top of it waiting for something to come along and absorb it. That would be the animals of the earth, including our pets. … More Clearing Your Pets Energy

The Death of a Friend

Whether your pet dies by accident or disease, or even old age, there is a process of grieving we endure. And not just us… Truly anyone who has met, petted, or loved your dog (or cat) will grieve right along with you. For they do not just touch our lives, but the lives of everyone they encounter. But how do you get through it? How do you move past the loss? … More The Death of a Friend

Creating Boundaries With Your Pet

While it is true that animals live on earth through lightness (day) and darkness (night) they are still very connected to the earth and the air and their pawrent. Energy is how we all exist, and since our pets are no longer in the wild connecting to the flow of the earth to get their food, find their den, and meet their friends, they need something similar in their life with you. … More Creating Boundaries With Your Pet