There are so many reasons for wanting to help your pet with its health and wellness. Have you just rescued, are fostering, or just adopted an animal? We don’t always get the information we need from others about our new pets and their needs, so getting a wellness session for them makes your journey together so much easier.​

Perhaps your current pet is having health issues? Going through a physical and/or emotional trauma? Adjusting to a new home? Or just acting “out of sorts”?​

A healing or communication session can help both of you have a better life together. This includes answers to the questions you have for your pet (animal communication), and for your pet to express its needs.

During a communication session by zoom (or via email), I will share with you any health and wellness changes you should consider, emotional help from you that your pet needs, any physical issues to address with your veterinarian, as well as answers to questions you present at the time of your appointment.

During a healing session (learn about shamanic healing here), you need not be present, but your pet needs to be home resting during the session. If you have a working dog, service dog, etc. I will provide a healing session in the late evening for your canine. After the healing is complete you will receive an email report about my findings as well as anything your pet shared with me, in order for you to help your pet move forward.

Services are currently available via Zoom Video or Email. In person Sessions, in Michigan, will resume February 2022.

Communication sessions via Zoom require the dog to be present during the reading. For email readings, you must include a recent picture of your pet (full size, front facing) and up to 3 questions or a specific area of concern.

Before any reading or healing, you must provide background information on your pet (breed, age, temperament, living conditions, etc.) and current health information.

Send your inquiries to:

Animal Communication: $65 via zoom, or $50 via email (up to 3 direct questions)
Distance Healing: $125 initial session, future sessions $95

Once you request a session and provide all background information, you will receive an electronic invoice by email to be paid upon receipt. Lack of payment will automatically place your request on hold, adding time to when you will actually receive your session. I do not provide refunds, but you have the ability to reschedule when I am notified 24 hours prior to the original appointment.

DISCLAIMER: Information shared on this site or in a session should not be used without consulting your veterinarian. I claim no responsibility for the actions of my clients. 

Sessions are for information only and should be used with the utmost discretion.

In shamanic cultures, naturopathic means are used first because we are taught to be in tune with our own body’s needs. As a pet owner, I want that for the animals in your life as well! If your pet is on pharmaceutical medication, be sure to share that information with me so you may learn about the side effects they can create when adding particular herbs, supplements, or other over-the-counter products to your pet’s wellness program.

NEVER assume that what someone else does for their pet is what you should do for your pet. All animals, just like all humans, are individualistic beings and should be treated as such.