What People Say

I had several sessions with Lisa! She has an absolutely beautiful gift and shares it.I can not thank her enough to be in my life and guiding me in a right direction. She is a wonderful person and friend to me ! My English is not profound enough to express my thoughts and experiences. Thank you ,thank you ,thank you.”

Bernadette O. ~ Budapest, Hungary

“Lisa has helped me with the three dogs that I have had in the past ten years. She has given my pets much-needed assistance through animal communication and healing. When my dog Mitzi died of a brain tumor, Lisa supported her and me in her last days as we said our goodbyes and through the process of crossing the rainbow bridge. I have learned a great deal (and am continuing to learn) how to connect with my current dog Roger FROM THE HEART. Being more mindful, attentive, intuitive, and communicative with Roger is my goal. I am astonished at how much I didn’t know! Lisa has given me well-defined understandings of how I can become a better, healthier, happier, and fulfilled pet owner.”

Bonnie G. ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I thank you more than I can ever say for the communication / work done for more than two years with my 16-year-old Australian Shepherd, Hogan. Just knowing that my Angel Girl was not in the pain I feared meant everything to me. It was such a blessing to be able to know so clearly her likes/dislikes, comforts/discomforts, wishes/desires. The results of the distant healing sessions, as well as the work done in-person were amazing. The next day she was always herself again ~~ eyes bright, more responsive and comfortable. Thank you, Miss Lisa & Sammy, for the healing so compassionately and lovingly given and even more for the help guiding her so gently across The Rainbow Bridge.”

Sally A. ~ Boca Raton, Florida

“I have used Lisa for help with many of our pets issues, such as behavioral, feeding, itchy skin. She always amazes me how thoroughly she handles each problem! Lisa has worked miracles healing my dog, and getting to the root of her behavior issues. When our new puppy was aggressive and started fights with our older dog, I tried everything with no success. Lisa talked to both dogs about the issues, sent them healing, and told me what I needed to change. Thanks to Lisa’s efforts, Lucky is now a calmer, happier member of our family!”

Judi L. ~ Boca Raton, Florida

“Lisa is amazing! She has helped me through some really tough times with her ability to communicate with and heal animals. After my mother died she communicated with the beloved pet cats my mother had left behind and helped them find a home, saying that they would be adopted by a woman who had just lost a cat – which they were. She helped transition our rescue dog into our own household of two geriatric cats (cats who had never been around dogs) and they all very quickly became friends without much drama at all. She also helped one of those cats transition to the other side when her body was failing her. Lisa is a person of enormous talent who takes the time needed to do the right thing by you and your animals!

Alexa H. ~ San Diego, California