Trauma Healing

There are so many reasons for wanting to help your pet with its health and wellness. Have you just rescued, are fostering, or just adopted an animal? We don’t always get the information we need from others about our new pets and their needs, so getting a wellness session for them makes your journey together so much easier.​

Perhaps your current pet is having health issues? Going through a physical and/or emotional trauma? Adjusting to a new home? Or just acting “out of sorts”?​

A shamanic healing session can help both you and your pet have a better life together. During a healing session you can also receive answers you probably have about your pet (via animal communication), allowing your pet to express its needs.

During a healing session, you need not be present, but your pet needs to be home, not physically active, during the session. If you have a working dog, service dog, etc. I provide their healing session in the late evening. After the healing is complete, you will receive an email detailing my findings as well as anything your pet shared with me, in order for you to help your pet move forward.

Trauma healing is not something we always think about when we think of our pets, but they do suffer from trauma in their life that we are not aware of. Especially when our new pet is a rescue or a backyard breeder. I often wish I could help every rescue out there because often times you are not aware of the situations your pet has been through because you only know what has been told to you by the person wanting to re-home him or her.

Shamanic healing addresses three causes of mental, emotional, and physical illness: disharmony, fear, or soul loss.

Disharmony, or power loss, occurs when you feel that life has lost meaning. This loss of connection can happen subtly or catastrophically.

Fear is the most common cause of illness and mental states such as anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. It triggers stress-producing hormones that disintegrate the protective mantle of the body’s immune system and overall energetic matrix, making illness inevitable.

Soul loss is the most extreme cause of illness and experienced after a traumatic event. Sometimes these events can be so devastating that one’s soul gets fragmented and dissociated. At worst, these soul parts get too far lost and fail to return. This is why humans, after a severely traumatic incident, feel like a part of them has died.

A session for an animal normally lasts between 30 and 45 minutes (plus an additional 15 minutes to relay the information to the parent in an email). Do not expect miracles, and if you are not willing to do what is suggested for your pet, you will only place the trauma back onto them, making the work we have done useless and possibly causing additional trauma.

That said, you want to make sure this is what your pet needs before allowing any healer to work with your pet’s energy and soul.So if you have any questions about this kind of healing for your pet, please don’t hesitate to ask.